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Interview of the month: Jarrod Reichelt

When did you discover the Bowspring methodology? I was first introduced to the Bowspring method in 2013 when I was invited to attend a weekend workshop in Kansas City, Missouri. Prior to the workshop, I hadn’t heard of Bowspring and I was under the impression I was attending a yoga workshop. The Bowspring practice was completely new to me and was quite challenging at first. I repeatedly lifted my toes over the course of the weekend, and it occurred so frequently that Bowspring co-founder, Desi Springer, continuously teased me for it. She wanted to make sure I remembered to keep my toes down! Following the weekend workshop, it was difficult to find a local teacher to help guide my Bowspring studies and I ultimately paused my Bowspring practice. I wasn’t reunited with the Bowspring practice until 2018 and I’ve been practicing regularly ever since. I played American football while in college, and as a result of the aggressive and physical nature of the sport, my body desperately needed a therapeutic and healing practice. Even though playing American football was fun, it was very physically demanding. Year-round training and competing placed a lot of stress and strain on my body and I was in need of healing. I’m very grateful for having been introduced to the Bowspring method and I attribute much of my mobility, pain-reduction, and health to the practice.   What is your personal mission and your global mission? My personal life mission and purpose is to help others to discover and to actualize their truest potential and highest purpose. Before teaming up with Global Bowspring, I worked as a psychotherapist and utilized psychotherapy as the means to help others. In my work I was guided by the premise that as I discovered a client’s potential and believed in them, then they too could identify their own potential and begin to believe in themselves. I once had a teacher who recognized my potential when I didn’t. Her belief in me was uplifting, inspiring, and ultimately led to a significant change in my life’s path. I currently help others to actualize their highest purpose and potential through life/health coaching services. I appreciate how being a life/health coach allows for me to incorporate a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. I no longer feel restricted to just focusing on the mind and I’m better able to serve my clients by utilizing all helpful mind-body-soul practices. I’ve discovered a holistic approach to helping others is much more effective and rewarding. My global mission is to increase awareness of the Bowspring practice and philosophy. I envision a future in which each individual feels empowered by the discovery of being able to heal and build themselves with the Bowspring alignment of uniform engagement of myofascial and inner-expansion. Through the practice of the Bowspring method’s core philosophical values of accountability, mindfulness, and compassion, an individual is better able to actualize their highest purpose while living in harmony with themselves and nature. Lasting change is facilitated by taking accountability for one’s own health, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The practice of mindfulness enables us to gain insight into our unhelpful and harmful patterns, while also helping to bring awareness to the positive outcomes of more harmonious choices. Compassion towards ourselves and others enables us to practice sharing love with ourselves and all life. Adhering to the values of accountability, mindfulness, and compassion helps us to become whole and fulfilled beings.

How do you see yourself in the future? In the future, I hope to continue to facilitate Global Bowspring's mission of empowering others to take charge of their health, happiness, and wellbeing. I’d like to see an increase of new students incorporating the Bowspring alignment and philosophical values into their own lives to help them with actualizing their highest potential and life calling. I’d like to be a supportive pillar for members of the Bowspring community while deepening relationships and connections. Bowspring has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many amazing souls from around the world and I’m beyond grateful for that. On a personal level, I’d like to expand my life/health coaching practice and to further deepen my mind-body knowledge and understanding so that I can become a more effective tool in helping others to transform their lives. Thank you Gabriela for choosing to interview me this month and for being a loving soul and friend. I’m so grateful Bowspring has introduced us and that I’m now connected with a mind-body enthusiast from Spain! While growing up in Iowa, the midwestern part of the United States, I never imagined I’d have friends like you from across the globe to share in this thing called life with. Thank you. 

Gracias Jarrod!❤

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